BAF cherishes to turn Bangladesh as a successful sporting nation in Asia with an aim to bring laurel for the country in the Games. To attain the Asian standard in different sport is also important to us.


  • To promote the fundamental principles and values of athletics in Bangladesh, in particular, in the fields of sport and education, by promoting athletics educational programs in all levels of schools, sports and physical education institutions and universities, as well as by encouraging the creation of institutions dedicated to athletics education.
  • To ensure the observance of the Athletics Charter in Bangladesh.
  • To encourage the development of high performance sport as well as sport for all.
  • To help train the Sports Administrators by National Course Directors.
  • To take action against any form of discrimination and violence in sport.
  • To adopt and implement the World Anti-Doping Code.
  • To create awareness on environmental issue and educate, promote Sports & Environmental aspect.


  • To take a leadership role in the development of sports and sportsmanship.
  • To create a passion for sports and physical activities among the citizens of Bangladesh.
  • To enlighten the nation with the values of Athletics.
  • To maintain a sporting environment free of any kind of discrimination, violence and doping issues.
  • To maintain carbon free environment and ensure sustainable development for the environment of sport.
  • To use sports as a tool of social and cultural development.
  • To re-introduce and spread the local games under the banner of “Sport for All”.


Bangladesh Athletics Federation maintains the following values in its all activities –

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Autonomy
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Athlete Focused